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Spotlight: Snow Day

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Snow Day
Story by Pierre Wazem & Art by Aubin

An outsider sheriff struggles to find his place in an isolated, snow-covered town populated by a hard people who are set in their ways and don't take too kindly to strangers. It's a place where folks mind their own business — however odd it may be — and do as they please. That is, until the calm, quiet sheriff decides to do his job…

Quick Facts about Snow Day

Pierre Wazem had only completed three comics before he received the Töpffer Prize for best young author from the city of Geneva. 
• Critically acclaimed Pierre Wazem is the author of KOMA and has received the Töpffer Prize, Palmarès Prix International and, with Tom Tirabosco, he also won the Ecumenical Jury of Comics Prize at Angoulême; the judges consisting mainly of critics, teachers, and professors, as well as professionals and fans of comics.
Aubin is most known for his work on the Blake & Mortimer series.
• Perfect for fans of Fargo!

Available below is the desktop wallpaper of Snow Day. Click the picture to choose your resolution

Snow Day arrives in stores February 15, 2017 with an MSRP of $14.95/£12.99

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