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Alexandro Jodorowsky awarded with 2013 International Adamson Award

Friday, October 4, 2013

AdamsonOn Friday September 27th, the Swedish Academy of Comic Art bestowed Alexandro Jodorowsky with the 2013 International Adamson Award.

The Adamson Awards are Swedish awards presented to notable cartoonists, and named after the famous Swedish comic strip "Adamson" (Silent Sam). They have been presented by the Swedish Academy of Comic Art (SACA) at the annual Gothenburg Book Fair since 1965. Past winners of the International Award include Harvey Kurtzman, Mœbius, Art Spiegelman, Neil Gaiman, Enki Bilal, Alan Moore, and more recently Bill Willingham.


Pidde Andersson describing one of Alexandro Jodorowsky's works, The Technopriests. Photo credit to Rolf Lindby

Click below to play the video shown during the ceremony.

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