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How to redeem your $25 credit

Monday, March 31, 2014

How do I get my $25 credit?

(Skip step 1 & 2 if you've already registered)

1. Create an account on humanoids.com

2. Confirm your subscription on the email you will receive

3. Download the Humanoids App (Humanoids Comics)

4. On the app, go to "My Account" and sign in

How do I spend my credit?

1. Browse our website and add any first volume(1) to your cart

2. Select the coupon "25DIGITAPP" while checking out (2)

3. Read your books from the website and/or from the app (3)


For more information about our digital offering, go to the digital section

(1): Not applicable towards single-volume titles.
(2): the coupon is only available once!
(3): you could need to click on "NEW SYNC" on the App to see your recently purchased books

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