HumaNoise #8: Joseph P. Illidge, Hannibal Tabu & Meredith Laxton Riff on MPLS SOUND

Apr 16, 2021


This week witnesses the release of MPLS Sounda vibrant celebration of new voices breaking through old institutions (also: so much funk). Written by Hannibal Tabu and Joe Illidge with art from Meredith Laxton, colors courtesy Tan Shu and letters by Troy Peteri, this original graphic novel charts the rise of Theresa Booker as she assembles Starchild—an infectiously original, driven septet assembled from the corners of Minneapolis. All the while, the shadow of Prince looms. Illidge, Tabu, and Laxton sit down with Humanoids' own Amanda Lucido and Sean Edgar in the latest episode of the HumaNoise podcast.