Genre crime

In the 1960s U.K., with Swinging London underway, fairies enter the light of day! Presenting a modern folklore anthology from contemporary comics masters!

One instance.
One disaster.
One survivor.

This original, fast-paced tale catapults us into the seedy underworld of a country whose violent past still echoes into a fractured present. "Prisoners" meets "The Deer Hunter."

A twisted tale of intrigue set amidst a retro-futuristic version of early 20th century France, a time known as the “Beautiful Era,” but that proves far from it.

David F. Walker and David Aja are joined by an array of international talent for an anthology that puts the spotlight on crime noir!

The tale of two very unlikely partners in crime set in New York City's Roaring Twenties.

The merciless quest of two women to find the murderers who decimated their families and shattered their lives. A violent thriller inspired by real events.

An edge-of-your-seat thriller spiced with Milo Manara’s gorgeous erotic sensibility.

Summer vacation is going to be anything but relaxing for François and his sons...

One corpse. Two dead women. LA’s biggest crime conspiracy.

A gritty Western standoff between a cop and a murderer.

A fictional biography of the legendary Jewish mobster, Meyer Lansky, as he attempts to organize his very last con job.