Toast the Sci-Fi Dystopia of SPACE BASTARDS with this Custom Cocktail List

Jan 12, 2021 space bastards

Space Bastards #1 launches today, 48 pages of depravity and belly laughs from The Boys co-creator Darick Robertson and writers Joe Aubrey and Eric Peterson. This nihilistic sci-fi bombshell posits a future where the unemployed masses of a desolate future opt into the only job available: the Intergalactic Postal Service. What's that entail? Traveling between planets in a bloodthirsty rage to deliver parcels in an unforgiving cosmic frontier. Murdering, stealing, or incapacitating other carriers is encouraged—the more times a package changes hands, the more money an IPS carrier will make. 

Sounds stressful, right? 

Well it's a good thing that writers Aubrey and Peterson collaborated with designer Sasha Head for a custom cocktail menu to help take the edge off. If you join us on this intergalactic trip with a drink in hand (and if you're 21 and older), let us know what drink you made on our Twitter. Get ready to mix and mail...