Out Now: Where Are You, Leopold? Book Two, Hero in Plain Sight by Michel-Yves Schmitt & Vincent Caut

May 04, 2021


Last November, we introduced you to Leopold, a mischievous little boy whose antics only escalated after he discovered a new super power: the ability to turn completely invisible. But instead of fighting crime or helping others, Leopold and his sister, Celine, embarked on a prank campaign in their town and school, creating a path of delightful havoc. 

Today, creators Michel-Yves Schmitt & Vincent Caut release a sequel to that captivating graphic novel—Where Are You, Leopold? Book Two, Hero in Plain Sight. In this brand new adventure, Leopold and Celine venture to their grandparents farm where they harvest even more hilarity guaranteed to make young readers laugh on repeat readings. Stay tuned for more books from Humanoids' imprint for young readers, BiG Books