Exclusive First Look at Dan Watters & Jon Davis-Hunt’s THE INCAL: DYING STAR

Apr 20, 2023


Internationally renowned publisher Humanoids revealed today an exclusive first look at THE INCAL: DYING STAR , a brand new original graphic novel set in the universe of the legendary sci fi epic created by visionaries Alejandro Jodorowosky and Mœbius. Acclaimed author Dan Watters (Lucifer, The Seasons Have Teeth), artist Jon Davis-Hunt (Clean Room, Bloodshot Unleashed), and letterer Troy Peteri bring to life the galactic story of Commander Kaimann who leads a desperate mission of revenge while a millennium away, a Sister of Entropy faces certain death. Available in stores May 9.


Things are not going well for Commander Kaimann. The love of his life is dead, his home planet destroyed, his crew are ghostly apparitions, and his crocodilian mutation is taking over more and more of his body. Just as all hope may be lost, a chance encounter with a strange artifact connects him to Aurora, a fearless Sister of Entropy staring down almost certain destruction.


His passions renewed, Kaimann hatches a bold plan to find a cure for his mutation and secure a future with his newfound love. But Kaimann’s past is catching up with him, and Aurora faces imminent doom at the hands of an invading enemy fleet. Will love triumph... or will all fall to the rot and the worm?


THE INCAL: DYING STAR will be available in bookstores everywhere ( on May 9, 2023 and in comic shops ( on May 10, 2023. Digital copies can be purchased from comiXology and other digital platforms.