Ancient Civilizations Confront Cosmic Horror in SHADOWS OF THULE

May 30, 2023 Humanoids Spotlight

Internationally renowned publisher Humanoids announced today a brand new fantasy horror graphic novel SHADOWS OF THULE, from writer Patrick Mallet, artist Lionel Marty, colorist Axel Gonzalbo, and translated by Montana Kane, about a Roman general, consumed by his lust for revenge, who opens the door to a great and terrible evil that threatens to take over the entire world, forcing lifelong foes to join forces to face the true enemy in their midst. Available in August 2023.


Scotland, 2nd Century AD. The Roman conquest has stopped south of Hadrian’s Wall; beyond it lies the land of the unconquered Gauls, and even further north, the wild hills of the Pictish people. 

When a Roman general loses his wife in a Pictish raid, a mysterious necromancer convinces him to awaken an ancient horror and unleash it on the North. In response, Cormak Mac Fianna, the last king of the Picts, unites his fractured tribes to fight the rising evil. But he soon finds that the power of his tribes is not enough to stop the terrifying Shadows of Thulé from destroying everything in their path. 


The only solution is to join forces with their enemies to fight the coming apocalypse but can the Picts, the Gauls, and the Romans set aside their differences long enough to save the world from the ancient evil threatening their existence? 

Patrick Mallet is a Swiss writer and artist, living and working in Paris. He is known in Europe for his prequel to Herman Melville's Moby Dick, Achab, as well as an adaptation of Casanova's Memoirs, and several other original works. He has collaborated on the Swiss magazine Bile Noire and created the series Les Plombs de Venise at the publishing house Treize Étrange. In addition to his writing and art, he works as a freelance editor.

Author and cartoonist Lionel Marty has published works in sci-fi, historical fiction, thrillers, and more, as well as illustrating for role-playing games. He lives and works in Corrèze.


SHADOWS OF THULE in oversized deluxe format will be available in bookstores everywhere ( on August 15, 2023, and on August 16, 2023 in comic shops ( Digital copies can be purchased from comiXology and other digital platforms.