CARTHAGO: KANE Pits Billionaire VS Legendary Deep Sea Creatures

Jun 09, 2023 Spotlight


Internationally renowned publisher Humanoids announced today CARTHAGO: KANE, a new, original graphic novel by writer Christophe Bec, artist Ennio Bufi, colorist Andrea Meloni, and translated by Montana Kane. 

From the world of the critically acclaimed CARTHAGO comes the story of Kane, a merman from a subterranean society who is hunted by a corrupt billionaire obsessed with mythological creatures, available in October 2023.

China, 1977. Kane, a young man-triton hybrid, escapes from his captivity in a secret research facility owned by a corrupt billionaire intent on proving the existence not only the tritons but the megalodons. 

As Kane flees his captor's henchmen and trackers, he finds himself in a breathless chase with a megalodon of legend! But is the Megalodon really his enemy...

Humanity’s continued feverish quest for natural resources threatens to unleash ancient monsters of the deep and beyond in the highly anticipated installment of the critically-acclaimed series Carthago, a Deep Blue Sea meets Succession tale of drama, mystery, and the monsters that lurk in the deepest ocean… and the human heart.


Christophe Bec is a writer and artist. Born in France, he spent the first few months of his life in Morocco due to his parent's work. Attracted to comics from an early age, he began his career by producing fanzines, one of which earned a Best Fanzine nomination at Angoulême Comics Festival. He joined the Comics School of Angoulême the next year. 

Known for his artwork on Absolute Zero, Sanctum, and Prometheus, he is also the author of Pandemonium, Shadows of Salamanca, and Carthago

He earned several Best Comic Album nominations for Sanctum at both the Cognac Detective Film Festival and the Jules Vernes Film Festival. He also won the Uderzo Prize for his series Lent.


CARTHAGO: KANE will be available in bookstores everywhere ( on October 17, 2023 and on October 18, 2023 in comic shops ( Digital copies can be purchased from comiXology and other digital platforms.