Patrick Mallet

Patrick Mallet

Patrick Mallet was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1970.

A screenwriter and cartoonist, he has published a prequel to Herman Melville's Moby Dick titled Achab, as well as an adaptation of Giacomo Casanova's memoirs, Casanova, sous les Plombs de Venise (Casanova, Under the Leads of Venice).

His other works include Cornelius Shiel (with art by Patrizio Evangelisti), Les Sanson et l'Amateur de souffrance (co-written by Boris Beuzelin), Toutânkhamon, l'odyssée d'Howard Carter (with art by Paul Marcel), and Fouché (written by Nicolas Juncker).

Since 2018, he is also a freelance editor for Mnémos Publishing.

Patrick Mallet lives and works in the Paris region.