Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander began his professional career as a composer, having musical performances in art galleries as well as clubs such as Carnegie Hall in New York and the "Kunsthalle" in Basel.

As his performances became more and more narrative and visual, he embarked on the production of short films.

He worked for three years at Propaganda Films in Los Angeles, and collaborated, in particular, with David Fincher, Spike Jonz and Mark Romanek

He also produces numerous spots, for companies such as Absolut, IBM and MTV.

In 2006, he co-signs the script for "Metal, The Battle of Meridia" with Jerry Brown, drawn by Butch Guice. A Shakespearean drama on steroids which confirms that space opera is above all an imaginary resource for exploring human nature.

At the same time, he is currently working on the creation of videos intended to be projected on buildings in New York.