Jean-Michel Ponzio

Jean-Michel Ponzio

Jean-Michel Ponzio graduated in 1985 with a degree in Technician Draftsman Modeling in Marseille. He went on to study advertising communications at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués and Arts Métiers in Paris and earned an advanced degree in visual expression. His first short film Aller Retour (Round Trip) went on to win an award at the Gérardmer Festival in 1991. 

After earning a diploma of advanced study in "digital imaging" at the CNBDI in Angoulême, he won the first INA pixel award in the student category at the Imagina show in Monaco. From 1996 to 2000, he worked first at Ghost, on the Insektors series, then at Buf company on the development of scenery and design for various film and advertising productions. (Batman and Robin, Fight club, S1m0ne, among others).

Today, Jean-Michel Ponzio is devoted to comics with the 2004 release of T'ien Keou, after two short stories by Laurent Genefort. 

He then went on to develop Genetiks, a story about human cloning, placed at Futuropolis and The Chimpanzee Complex, a great space adventure published by Dargaud.

In 2012, he succeeded Paul Gillon to complete the series The Order of Cicero, and Black Lord. He signed a deal with Dargaud, again with Richard Marazano, to develop The Pelican Protocol and Memoirs of the Civil War.

In addition to a busy cartoonist activity, the author continues to design sets for feature film projects for film and commercials. (Most recently Valerian Luc Besson).