Our entire catalog is available in the digital format on the same day as the print equivalent. Check here for details on where to get our books today and what to expect in the near future.


Buy our books from iTunes and read them on the iBooks app (Apple iOS devices only). We strongly advise the use of a retina screen device from at least 9" for a satisfying reading experience. Please be sure to download the sample to check specifications.

Google Play

Buy our books on Google Play and read them on Android and Apple iOS devices. We strongly advise the use of a high-density screen from at least 9" for a satisfying reading experience. Please be sure to download the sample to check specifications.

Your questions

1. How do I buy a digital book?

Just browse our catalog, click on any title and then click on the digital edition (broken down by volumes) you are looking for and click on the "Buy button." It should show a list of the digital stores where this book is currently available (Humanoids, Google Play or the iBookStore).

2. What if the Buy button is not visible, or my favorite store not listed?

It is probably because that particular digital book is not yet available digitally. If you are looking for a book available from Google Play or from the iBookStore, you may check directly on these stores since links are not always updated on time.

3. Once I buy a digital book, do I get a file that I can move to and from any device I wish?

No, you get access to the file, but the file itself is bound to the website or the app it has been downloaded from. We are aware that this could be frustrating for some users and we are currently investigating more ways to distribute our files across different platforms and devices.

4. I bought a book on the iBookStore or on Google Play, how can I read it in the Humanoids App?

We are sorry, but at this time, you cannot. Humanoids, the iBookStore and Google Play are different platforms which, unfortunately,can't yet be synced to each other.

5. I bought a physical book, can I read the digital version on iBooks?

No, the digital versions are offered only on the Humanoids website and the Humanoids App for the same reason as the above FAQ (#4).

6. How do I read my books on my smartphone?

You may buy the book from the iBookStore (iPhone) or from Google Play (for Android phones). Be aware, however, that reading graphic novels on these devices may be tedious since you will spend a significant portion of your time zooming in and out to read the text (panel view is not yet available on these apps).

7. How do I read my digital books on my tablet?

All digital versions are suitable for reading on tablets. Please read our reading/ viewing suggestions at the top of this page.

8. Is my purchase really unlimited? Do you guarantee permanent access?

Yes, we guarantee permanent access for any purchase made from Humanoids (App or website). On the iBookStore and Google Play, you may also get such unlimited access, but be sure to first check the respective purchase terms and conditions for more details.

9. I have bought a digital book, but I'm dissatisfied with the quality. What can I do?

Please refer to the respective terms and conditions of the corresponding stores.