Victor & Clint
Softcover Trade

Marion Duclos

Marion Duclos (Story & art)
Aug 21, 2018
Softcover Trade
104 pages - Color
6.0 x 9.0 in
$12.95 - £9.99 - Can$16.99

Victor & Clint
Softcover Trade

Marion Duclos

Hounded by neighborhood bullies, young Victor becomes Clint and escapes into an imaginary world, where the Wild West is real, the hero always wins and bullies learn their lessons!

Victor is a small-town boy, spending his days playing with his dog and losing himself in his imagination.

When two local boys begin bullying Victor, he escapes into a dream world, where the Wild West is real and he's the hero!

Colt in hand, he and his dog Albert ride the open plains, where parents turn into sheriffs and bicycles into faithful steeds. A world of rocks and cactus where the bullies of the school become the formidable Ringo brothers, two villains in need of a lesson or two. Victor goes after them, determined to make them bite the dust! But the real world, always lurking in the shadows, crashes in at a gallop...

An ode to imaginary childhood escapades in the form of a laugh-out-loud spaghetti western.

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