A near-silent allegorical fable of man vs. nature that stunningly explores the medium’s potential.

Writer : Stephane Levallois
Art : Stephane Levallois

1 volume released
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A lone figure in a diving suit drags an enormous wooden ark through the desert, scarring the earth with its deep furrow. A plane crashes. A zeppelin prowls the azure skies, its crew seduced by caged women, while Bedouins and soldiers clash under the blazing sun. This poetic tale entrances as it pulls all these elements and characters together into a haunting yet mesmerizing canvas.

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The Ark #1 : The Ark - Digital Comic

The Ark #1 : The Ark - Digital Comic

Feb 2016
Collection : Legacy
Digital Comic
67 pages - Black and white
EAN 9781594656316

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publication in 2 volumes - completed work

Stephane Levallois (Story & art)

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