The Metabarons
Hardcover Trade

Alejandro Jodorowsky & Juan Gimenez

Edition includes the series' entire first cycle (8 books), as well as a brand new afterword by David S. Goyer.
Alejandro Jodorowsky (Writer)
Juan Gimenez (Art)
Feb 2015
Hardcover Trade
540 pages - Color
7.9 x 10.8 in
$59.95 - £34.99

The Metabarons
Hardcover Trade

Alejandro Jodorowsky & Juan Gimenez

A grand scale space opera about family, sacrifice, and survival told within an immense universe, both in scope and originality.

A must-read cult spin-off of "The Incal," by Moebius and Jodorowsky, centering around the fascinating lineage of the ultimate warrior. This collection introduces the Metabaron’s bloodline and reveals the origins of their deep-seated principles. Find out the source of the family’s vast wealth, learn why every Metabaron has cybernetic implants, and why the only way to become the next Metabaron is for him to defeat his own father in a mortal combat. Follow each successive generation as it struggles to overcome the forces amassed against it in a galaxy corrupted by greed, power, and terror.

A true classic in the pantheon of graphic storytelling and Science Fiction as a whole.

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Warren Ellis, writer of “Transmetropolitan,” “Plan

What keeps me going back to “The Metabarons” is the immense volume and speed of its innovation. There is literally a new and mad idea on every page.

David S. Goyer

'The Metabaron' cycle (...) is, to my mind, the greatest work of graphic fiction ever produced.